Generating a mission statement is no trivial endeavor but we have developed an easy to use, self-paced online course to do exactly that. It will take anywhere from between 45 and 90 minutes to generate your own mission statement and we promise that by the end you will be seeing aspects of your business and customer relationships that you haven’t realized existed.

You will be led step by step through an analysis of What you do, Who you are, What style and tools you use, Who your Customer is and What the end-result is. Finally you will be asked to select your favorite entries for each question and then guided through a process of using them to create a meaningful Mission Statement.

You will generate a Mission Statement that accurately describes, what you do, how you do it and what you deliver to your customer. It will be motivating and credible and most importantly you will feel that you can repeatedly and reliably live up to it’s implied promise!

If you struggle to come up with the right formulation you can always have us help you but we are pretty confident that you will do just fine on your own!