We Know How to Help Small Businesses and start-ups.

HeadRoom provides a collaborative ecosystem for start-ups and small businesses looking to break out from their home office, extend their network, obtain referrals and gain access to a broad range of subject matter expertise required to bring their business goals to fruition. HeadRoom partners John Tooher and Dan Lievens also facilitate Strategic Planning sessions and mentoring services designed to define a business vision and create a detailed plan on how to get there. HeadRoom currently has over 70 businesses using their space and consulting services

We have helped a wide variety of businesses complete an extensive review of their business world and based on what they found, formulate a plan to succeed over the coming years. They now have a clear business mission statement and a guideline against which decisions can be made and progress monitored. If they stick to the plan, every year they are getting closer to their desired state.

When you define the mission of a company, great things can happen. We have worked with owner operators and large multinationals, start-ups and established businesses and all of them came away with a sense of clarity and a confidence that the plan is based on a solid foundation.

  • Dan Lievens
    Dan LievensManaging Partner

    Dan is a business and technology consultant with 20 years hands-on experience. He has founded several successful companies in multiple markets and for the last 10 years has mentored start-ups and helped accelerate ideas from concept to commercialization.

    He specializes in bringing the business and technical worlds together. His broad industry experience includes software and database development, IT strategy, web analytics, e-commerce, and the testing and implementation of an eclectic range of business applications.

    Dan is a “make it happen” kind of guy. He is remarkably calm under pressure and always seeks to find the most optimal cost effective way to solve a problem.

    JOHN TOOHERManaging Partner

    A seasoned global business leader with 17 years experience of working with companies such as General Electric and 3M in multiple countries and business areas and 10 years experience as President and CEO of a US based $60M business which he grew from a $12M base by continuously focusing on the long term vision and not last months results.

    During his career John has worked with and for many companies from multiple industries in many parts of the world. He has seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. One of the things he has learned is that people want to be led, not managed, and leaders can’t lead unless they have a defined destination and a plan to get there. Great leaders harness the collective wisdom of their management team to create a plan built on directed consensus and then  engage their entire organization in enthusiastically participating in the journey


We believe in using Strategy to align and galvanize an organization, big or small, into a forward thinking team of people striving for success and a sense of collective accomplishment.

A Strategy should be an inspiring holistic plan to transform an organization to better equip it to succeed in a changing business environment. It must be understood and owned by the business – everyone in the business. It touches the entire organization, the People, the Systems, the Working Environment, your Product or Service, your Brand and most importantly your Customers.